Banbareia Government Primary School

While in the village, we visited a primary school. I mentioned before that there were 4 teachers for 304 students. The school is 1st through 5th grade. The government pays for students to go to school until 10th grade.

We found out today that across Bangladesh, there is almost a 100% enrollment but a 60% dropout rate in primary school (this is not for this school-this came from someone in Dhaka).

At this primary school, the mothers are very involved and have an organization like a PTA. All students must also wear uniforms and most cannot afford them so there is a village fund to pay for them.

The school welcomed us and even did a performance for us. The kids practiced English with us. “What is your name?” “How are you?” “What is our favorite color?” “What is your favorite food?”

They kids also spent a lot of time visiting us at our bank branch. I included photos of some of wall coverings they use  learn, too.


3 Responses to Banbareia Government Primary School

  1. vlames says:

    The school is located in Sirajgonj (which has is also spelled Sirajganj in the newspaper). I also want to mention that the teachers were so good with the students. Obviously very passionate.

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