Hindu Temples

We had the opportunity to visit two Temples and view another. The one that we viewed is the orange one from Sirajgonj that I have already posted about(which I have been spelling incorrectly).  I put in two photos of the orange Temple in case you did not see it before.

The two Temples are Govinda Temple and Shiva Temple. I must first tell you about the caretaker who is more of a character than anything else. He is an older man that has a whistle. He walks around yelling and whistling at people for what he subjectively determines to be wrong. It could be anything. One never knows when you are doing something wrong until the whistle is blown. Although I have to agree with him that you should not sit on the Temple.

Luckily our interpreter Younus knew him and asked him to give us a private tour. All along the tour, he blew and yelled at others. He would stop mid sentence and see someone out of the corner of his eye doing something wrong (which included looking at us) and yell and blow his whistle, then go back to his sentence. At one point, he wouldn’t let someone walk up the stairs because he thought it would interrupt his tour. Instead, he interrupted the tour to whistle and yell at them to walk back down the stairs until later.  He was great.

We first saw Shiva Temple and were able to go inside. It overlooks a pond and was built in 1823 in Puthia. It serves as the entrance to the area. You will notice the black stone which is in the inside of the Temple. This is a phallic representation to Shiva. Virgins are supposed to worship her.

There are a few photos of the outside and inside.

There is no mistaking the terracotta beauty of the Govinda Temple. The outisde is intricately designed to tell the love story of Radha and Krishna. It is amazingly beautiful to see how intricately carved the Temple is. It was built between 1823 and 1895. I can see why it took so long to build. All of the terracotta photos are of this Temple.  We were not able to go inside of the Govinda Temple.

There was one more Temple that we saw but it was with ruins that I plan to post about later. Enjoy the photos. At this point my camera was on its last leg. It should have died three days earlier but for some reason was allowing me to continue taking photos. Everyone kept waiting for it to die. We all thought it would be the last photo each time it powered up. It must have been the power of the  Temples.


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