Red means go, so do green and yellow

We had our closest brush with death-defying driving today. We drove the wrong way down a busy street going about 60 mph. We barely missed a giant bus. Then we abruptly did a u-turn as everyone screamed and held on for dear life.

The significance of my post is that no one pays attention to stop lights. Imagine a busy intersection at home where no one even regards the stoplight and everyone is dodging each other trying to go straight or turn. It is the most chaos I have ever seen.

I mention this because there are rolling blackouts here. At first, we would all take notice, now we just sit in the dark and continue what we are doing, if we can, until the power comes back on. The hotel has a generator, so we don’t have to sit too long in the dark.

I think that they should do away with stop lights here. They must take up electricity and really they are just for show anyway.

I tried to take photos of the oncoming traffic but the flash didn’t work through the windshield. I was in the second seat. Here are a few other photos.


One Response to Red means go, so do green and yellow

  1. Fred Heyse says:


    I love the Blog. Keep it coming! It reminds me some of my journeys though India – small cars in a free-for-all even though the lanes in the road appear to be well marked. I once was traveling from the airport into Mumbai and all cars stopped at a redlight (they obey some lights there). There were three lanes, but six cars abreast and it was a drag race out of that light! I aksed what the lines in the street were for – the driver replied “I don’t know, Sir; they must be something left over by the British!!” – the Britsih left almost 50 years before that!

    Sounds like you are learning a goo dbit as well as having some fun. Enjoy!


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